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A website builder for your phone 🤳

Straw.Page is a drag and drop website builder that works on mobile. The editor is extremely simple and easy for kids to understand, with virtually zero learning-curve


Actually fun and creative 🧑‍🎨

Websites don't have to be boring and professional.

Straw.Page lets you decorate your site with fun elements like stickers and googly eyes - plus you can even paint on your site! 🎨

Fun websites for your kids

There's an infinite amount of templates, ranging from fun and weird to professional. All sites are extremely customizable and you can create any type of design straight from your phone!


Content is globally distributed and optimized to make your mobile website load as fast as possible.

Zero Configuration

Publish your site in one-click without wasting time on server configurations and maintenance.

Custom Domains

Publish your site to a subdomain or use your own custom domain with automatic SSL encryption


All sites come with a built-in, customizable blog with unlimited posts and a distraction-free writing environment.

No signup required :)